1. Networking: Attend local wedding events, such as bridal fairs and expos, and connect with other vendors in the industry.
  2. Marketing: Utilize social media and online advertising to reach potential clients. Create a professional website to showcase your portfolio and services.
  3. Referrals: Ask satisfied clients to refer you to their friends and family.
  4. Partner with other vendors: Partner with wedding planners, photographers, and other vendors to offer bundled packages to clients.
  5. Specialization: Consider specializing in a specific niche, such as destination weddings or same-sex weddings, to attract a specific type of client.
  6. Building reputation: build a good reputation by providing excellent service and getting good reviews on social media, wedding websites and other platforms.
  7. Offering incentives: Offer special deals or discounts to clients who book early or refer friends and family.